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Baking success through cake shop franchising

By Dhwani Chawda

Sat, Jun 23, 2018

Ideas can pop up anytime to anyone, an idea about growing your capital just needs a proper direction. Cake shops are exciting, and owning one of your own would be fascinating. Srinathji’s is one of the well -known cake shop brand in Mumbai. Having a franchise would be the right choice one can make for a delightful yet simple shop to own. We provide a brand image with freshly baked quality treats ranging from cakes to pastries. We also provide all brand support and systems to help your business flourish.

Franchise of Srinathji’s cake shop

We admire your willingness to spread happiness inform of cakes.  We would love to welcome anyone willing to join our Srinathji’s family. Any business related to cake industry will definitely get a warm support from us. From customized cakes, to many more delicious sweets and dessert varieties are in high demand by the customers. Srinathji’s provide hundred percent pure vegetarian items with a guarantee of high level quality and service.

According to the latest research and food market reports, bakery or cake shop industries have the third largest revenue budget generation from the food sector. Cake shop franchising is an excellent way of obtaining a huge capital since the franchise pay money to own an outlet with a brand. They can further grow into a huge number of locations and capture a larger portion of investment returns. Signing up for a brand is also easier to gain funding approval from a bank or any source as the bank can look at the success of a brand and make a positive choice.

Market Expansion and opportunities for cake shops

Cake shop franchising can receive high generations of finance returns at lower business risks. A franchisor like Srinathji’s can provide relevant and analytic information regarding trending cake choices, play with menus, options for the cake shop and implement new launches based on examining customer purchases. Consequences can be too expensive and give inaccurate results, in case a cake shop wishes to start a private cake shop that is not yet a well-known brand. The difference between a brand and a private business is that the brand has already won the heart of the public. The major difference between a well-known brand and a new comer is that, the branded company has already set its roots in the industry.

Cake shop franchising is a safe way to play the business markets. Franchisors also provide timely support for all franchisees with handling human resources, raw materials, ready-made cakes and its containers and confectionary.

Indian bakery market, calculated by the economic times, can be valued at 850 crores and is astonishingly growing with a quick pace at 20-25% per year.

Here are reasons for cake shop franchising with Srinathji’s:

  1. A very safe business
  2. Increased market expansion
  3. High-profit return investments
  4. Easy to manage and operate
  5. Experience and brand image from Srinathji’s
  6. Variety of cake options
  7. Brand marketing and promotion
  8. Extremely professional
  9. High-profit sharing
  10. New product launches
  11. Pure vegetarian chain
  12. Cake shop location and theme planning and advice


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