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After Eight
The perfect after dinner cake infused, with a dash of mint to make that dessert a memory to treasure, baked with the most delicious chocolate to leave an after taste, unlike any other dessert.
Black & White
The black and White Cake is a popular family, friends, and kids choice cake. This cake is brilliant for any type of occasion that is covered in a light and fluffy frosting of marshmallow.
Blueberry Glaze
The magnificent blueberry cake is most suitable for the rarest of occasions. With fresh blueberry glaze topping and a vanilla white sponge cake that is packed with layers of fruitful delight.
Choco Fantasy
This fabulous mixture of white and dark chocolate provides quite a tasty punch in the mouth, especially with its cream frosting and chocolate ganache. A warm melting moment in choco fantasy is suitable for any occasion. Prepared with the finest ingredients, it is best suitable for all parties and chocoholic people.
Mix Fruit
The fresh fruits used is exotic with the combination of ingredients and careful preparation. A banquet of fruits with cream on vanilla cake. It is truly exotic and refreshing with great taste.

The cake is completely loaded with pineapple flavouring that is made and topped with an incredibly moistened pineapple frosting and fresh orange slices with a cherry. The cake even has pineapple slices all around it making it a fruitful paradise.
Rich Chocolate
The texture of the cake is soft and genuinely moist. The cake comes in a burst of melted chocolate, made from only the finest of premium chocolate.
Strawberry Glaze
This fine cake is filled with delicious sponge cake and layered with strawberry glaze from top to bottom. The moist and freshness of the cake will leave you wanting more.