A dish is as good as its ingredients and a Company is as good as its people. Fortunately, we are quite lucky in this aspect.

Lord Krishna is the founder of Srinathjis. Without his mercy all this was not possible.

Our endeavor to achieve our vision with a degree of excellence, is sphere headed under the watchful eyes, immense experience (40 years in the Indian hotel industry), direction and guidance of Shri Karunakaran N. Shetty – Our Chairman

His able, young, dynamic and talented sons, namely: Shri Rohit K Shetty – Director Innovation and Strategy & Shri Ashish K Shetty – Director Operations. Both young, dynamic, hardworking, humble and dedicated to serve with passion and in search of excellence in the food industry/ specifically the Vegetarian food world. Their further introduction would tantamount to flattery-meeting them is believing.

We have seen competition come and go and come, meanwhile we have stayed solid and grown. We have created a brand value & strength in our industry by being present in Mumbai in 20 outlets and with another 10 in Banglore. We are also coming up with 10 outlets in Gujarat (Ahmedabad and Baroda).

We have adopted the latest in technology in terms of systems, softwares, communication devices, billing softwares, CCTV cameras, labeling procedures, display counters, etc.

We have been known to be one of the first in the industry to introduce new,innovative and competitive techniques to stay fit and serve more and more people. We are always open to innovative ideas and suggestions as we believe the only one thing constant is change.